German Recognition of School Leaving Qualifications Offered at AGIS Schools.

The IB Diploma

In March 2000 the Diploma was formally recognised as a suitable alternative to the Abitur Certificate. It is consequently an appropriate qualification for university entrance for German citizens. There are however certain stipulations regarding recognition of the IB Diploma as a university entrance qualification. For example a German national must take a Mathematics or a Science course at Higher Level, and certain courses such as Maths Studies, Psychology and ITGS are not recognised. For full details regarding the IB Diploma and German Requirements, please refer to the IB public website: - selecting Germany (or, other countries if you are interested in their recognition of the IB Diploma).

Please visit the Kultusministerkonferenze (KMK) link below (Federal Conference of the State Ministers of Education) for the original text in German:



The IGCSE is the international sibling of the GCSE programme that is run in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is an internationally recognized and respected curriculum for Grades 9 and 10, and being a two year course, has exams taken after Grade 10.

The IGCSE is recognized in only some states (Länder) of Germany as the equivalent to the German Grade 10 graduation called the “Mittlere Reife”. Bavaria is one example:

The IGCSE exams are recognized by the state of Bavaria as an equivalent to the ‘Mittlere Reife’ when a certain combination of subjects is taken:

  • Language A
  • Language B
  • Mathematics
  • A Science course or Sciences combined course
  • A Social Studies subject: History or Geography

These subjects are mandatory for the recognition of the IGCSE as ‘Mittlere Reife’. The actual process of recognition has to be undertaken by the individual students themselves at the ‘Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle’ or Bavarian Center for the Evaluation of School Diplomas.

German Recognition of the IB Middle Years Programme

Agreement of the Kultusministerkonferenz of 08.12.2011

Translation from the German

  1. An MYP Certificate awarded at one of the schools named below is recognised as equivalent to the Mittleren Schulabschluss, if it is taken after attending school full time for at least 10 consecutive years and if the following conditions are met.
    1. At least one subject from each of the 8 MYP subject groups is taken and a Personal Project completed.
    2. The number of hours taken in the subject, or subject group, matches the criteria required in the “Agreement on the types of school and education in the Middle School of 03.12.1993” (Vereinbarung über die Schularten und Bildungsgängen imI vom 03.12.1993) in each current version, taking into consideration the length of the MYP programme.
    3. Science is taught either as an integrated course or split into three separate natural sciences.
    4. Sufficient German language skills must be demonstrated. Exact requirements are decided according to the legalstipulations of each individual state.
  2. A maximum of 63 points can be reached in the 8 subject groups and the Personal Project. At least 36 points must be reached to be awarded the MYP Certificate. An MYP certificate is recognized as Mittleren Schulabschluss from 36 points onwards. In order to receive the right to attend the orientation phase of an “Oberstufe” at a grammar school (Gymnasium) at least 45 points are needed and in the subject group Mathematics, Language A and Language B at least 15 points are achieved.
  3. The average grade for an awarded IB MYP Certificate will be calculated in the federal state in which the certificate is evaluated.
  4. The average grade (N) will be calculated from the combined points of the MYP Certificate (P) as well as the 63 points as the maximum possible points (Pmax) and the 36 points as the minimal points (Pmin)
  5. The calculation is made according to the following formula:

    N= 1+3 (Pmax – P) / (Pmax – Pmin)
    N = Grade (Average Grade)
    P =certified points
    Pmax = 63
    Pmin = 36
  6. The IBO regularly informs the Kultusministerkonferenz of possible changes to the MYP Certificate (requirements, content, organization) and allows the German school authorities to look at the work taking place in schools. If there is need for consultation or at the request of a state, the council for the Zentralstelle für ausländi­sches Bildungswesen (ZAB), will ascertain that the conditions for the recognition of the MYP are being fulfilled.

This agreement is valid from the day of its passing by the Kultusministerkonferenzfor the following schools and in the first instance for the duration of 5 years.

Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH

Bonn International School e. V.

Dresden International School e. V.

International School of Düsseldorf e. V.

International School Hannover Region GmbH

Munich International School e. V.

International School of Stuttgart e. V.

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